Dempster Diggers Ltd Services

Our reliable list of services include:


  • Landscaping
  • Driveways

  • House Sites & Foundations Holes for

    Retaining Walls Demolition

  • Farm Drains & Races
  • Land Clearing/ Mulching
  • Engineers Test Pits
  • Commercial & Industrial Sites
  • Orchard/Horticultural Sites
  • Metal and Fertilizer Cartage


We have a range of machinery and equipment available:


  • 13 Tonne Digger with Blade, Thumb & Tilt Hitch
  • Mulcher
  • Borer & Augers
  • Hydraulic Plate Compactor (Driving Posts/Poles) Levelling Bar
  • Truck (6 Wheeler) Tipper & Transport Trailer
  • Tractor 130 HP 4WD
  • Landplane
  • Mulcher
  • Other machinery available upon request.

We do a variety of work, essentially anything to do with site preparation for domestic, agricultural or commercial site. Including driveways, trenching for services like power, phone & water, boring holes for your foundations, driving posts and piles for foundations or orchards, mulching vegetation or scrub, metal and fertilizer cartage. ​

Our machines and attachments are serviced regularly and kept up to standard. We can supply any size digger for any size job. Let us know what you need and we will aim to please. ​

Dempster Diggers Ltd