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Vehicles of the expert excavating contractors in Whangarei

Excavating contractors in Whangarei

We have very competitive rates. 

Dempster Diggers Ltd is an established earthmoving company in Whangarei that offers
an extensive range of contracting services to meet the needs of every customer. Established in 1999, we have gone from strength to strength as excavating contractors, providing professional and friendly service and earning Dempster Diggers Ltd a reputation for getting work finished on time and within budget. Dempster Diggers Ltd have the motto, "Do it once, Do it right", which is reflected in our high standard of finishing and attention to detail.


For the best service in the business, look no further. We provide all of your excavation and earth moving needs at affordable prices. Our reliable list of services include:                                                                      
  • Earthmoving
  • House Sites & Foundations
  • Metal and Fertiliser Cartage
  • Sawdust/Wood Chip Supply & Cartage
  • Demolition
  • Construction site clean up
  • Land Clearing
  • Landscaping & Driveways
  • Farm Drains & Races                                                              
  • Retaining walls                                                                        
  • Concrete Laying                     
Vehicles of the expert excavating contractors in Whangarei

Machinery & Equipment

We have a range of machinery and equipment available:    
  • Truck & transporter
  • 11t Hyundai digger
  • Thumb & blade
  • Track grips for slippery conditions
  • V Bucke, Ripper & Stick Rake
  • Borer
  • 9t grader  
  • 4.5t vibrating roller
  • Tractor
  • Levelling bar     
  • Slasher
Other machinery available upon request 

Service area

Dempster Digger services Whangarei and surrounding areas, including Bay of Islands and as far south as Warkworth. 

Contact Information

Dempster Diggers Ltd
PO Box 65
Whangarei 0150
M: 027 262 1848
AH: (09) 433 7325
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